All over the world, and in may different ways, thousands of women are doing exactly what you are doing. They are rewriting the rules, becoming their own bosses, and creating a new future.

There is a new model of doing business that means people who never thought of themselves as entrepreneurs or businesswomen are suddenly leading change. Its called microbusiness, where you can earn a good living while crafting a life of independence and purpose.


The basics of business are very simple if you break it down... you don’t need an MBA, a complex business plan or even employees. All you need is:

  • a product or service

  • people willing to pay,

  • and a way to get paid.


These are the bare bones of any business, the other complexities are optional. But it does help to look more closely at things in order to make something really sustainable...


When you DREAM IT you need to make sure you are providing something that is desirable and needed by people. That is is feasible for you to actually do it, and that it is viable to make money.


And no business can succeed unless you PLAN IT, but this doesn’t mean you need a fancy business plan, just some simple questions to canvas your idea and answer why your business exists, who are your customers, how you will reach them, and what value you will provide.


A business is not about ideas, its about making ideas happen. So you need to BUILD IT, this can involve establishing a website, social media, and launching…all of which can be done for nearly no investment.


And of course you need to DO IT, monitor and measure your progress and look at how to pivot, ramp up and grow your business.


We’ll look at each of these concepts in detail, using examples and interviews with those who have actually done it all before.


Now of course there is no failproof method to economic empowerment, and failure is often the best teacher. It's about being stubborn in your goals, but flexible with your methods.

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